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Franchising with The nextra Group

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Are you thinking of buying an existing newsagency?


Do you want a nextra store in your shopping centre / retail precinct?


Are you an existing newsagent and want to excel in your retail environment?

The nextra Group Franchise System

Franchising is the granting of a license that entitles the franchisee to conduct business using the name, trade marks and business system of the franchisor.


Franchising using the nextra Success System (NSS) is characterised by consistent procedures, staff training, store design, fit-out, signage, uniforms, marketing, promotions and stocking of a core product range across all outlets. The value of the nextra brand is associated with the customer’s perception of every nextra Group store and experience. When franchising the nextra Success System, compliance to the nextra model across all areas of retailing is critical.


When an individual joins the nextra Success System they are accessing years of combined experience in newsagency retailing, marketing, product negotiations, retail & financial management, both within the franchise support office and within the greater nextra franchise community. Joining the Nextra franchise enables you to have the freedom of owning your own business with the security and guidance of a retail system and clear brand recognition.

The Ideal nextra Group Candidate

Nextra franchise owners must possess business acumen, be motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic, committed to the business and the Nextra group and most of all be prepared to expand your knowledge and work smarter not harder. A willingness to learn, create new ideas and initiatives and maintain Nextra standards of customer service, core product ranging and store presentation will be required by Nextra to achieve a fruitful business relationship.


Key Benefits of owning a nextra Group Franchise

Nextra franchise owners enjoy the following benefits:

  • A well established brand
  • National and regional marketing campaigns aimed at achieving increased levels of profitability
  • Tailored store based marketing programs designed to build the nextra brand in your local area
  • Full set of nextra Success System best practice procedures manuals so store owners can spend more time working on their business’s growth and profitability
  • Owner and management training of the NSS to teach all new nextra Group franchise owners the importance of planning and running the retail business
  • Management support and training from an experienced team trained in running newsagency retailing businesses.
  • A comprehensive nationally accredited staff training program, committed to providing career paths for all your staff
  • Benchmarking programs to provide all stores with a health check of the business and ideas & strategies to grow sales, traffic and gross profit.
  • Specialised product team negotiating the best terms on core retail product
  • Assistance with property issues including rent reviews, leases, relocations and store fit-outs.

Marketing Programs

Marketing & Promotional Strategies designed to increase your bottom line.


The nextra Group's strong emphasis on marketing ensures we have a unified, bold presence in the marketplace that provides our member stores with the competitive edge they other wise couldn’t afford when trading as an independent.


In a post-deregulation competitive environment, newsagencies are forced to compete with highly competitive major chain stores and supermarkets on core product. Now is the time to fight back for market share by increasing your stores competitiveness through group power.


The nextra Group is actively achieving this power, with specific strategies focusing on driving market share back to our members.


As a marketing group, our goal is to increase your sales through results oriented marketing and promotions strategies, designed to ensure the success of our brand.


Marketing & Promotional Campaigns

National Marketing

  • Catalogues (letterbox/newspaper distribution)
  • In-store promotions
  • Prizes and giveaways
  • Exclusive supplier promotions – value-added core product.
  • Posters & other point-of-sale material
  • Dump bins
  • Advertising
  • Exclusive magazine promotions
  • Access to the nextra 'Members Area' of our corporate website – a hub of essential marketing, product and franchise information.

Regional Marketing

  • Together with other members in your region, you decide how to spend your regional marketing budget e.g. promotions, television, radio, print and distribution.
  • Coordination, design, implementation & assistance from the nextra marketing team.
  • Monthly marketing meetings to monitor your regions marketing progress

Local Store Marketing

  • LSM manual (Get ideas for promotions you can run in store)
  • LSM coordination and assistance (Consult with support office to determine your most effective LSM promotions)
  • The nextra Group Card Club loyalty program (Buy 6 and get your 7th card FREE)
  • Optional nextra Book Club loyalty program
  • Optional nextra Mag Club loyalty program
  • Signage advice, coordination and design
  • Coordination of market research for your store.

Point-of-sale Material

Our Point of Sale Material bank provides

  • posters
  • price cards
  • wobblers
  • table skirting
  • tablecloths
  • nextra special arrows
  • loyalty cards
  • loyalty pockets & holders
  • shelf talkers

Marketing Investment Structure

The nextra Group Marketing Team manages national and regional marketing funds on behalf of members. Currently the marketing investment fees are $300/month.


All fees paid assist in guiding marketing activity; penetrating specific target markets and focus on maximizing marketing spend. Marketing fees are spent on national promotions, point of sale material, artwork and graphic design, and an in house marketing advisory team.


Management Support & Training

In conjunction with Holmesglen Institute of TAFE, nextra has developed a comprehensive training program aimed at providing staff, management and owners with the necessary skills to drive business forward.


When nextra franchise owners join the nextra Success System they complete a five day training course outlining all aspects of running a Nextra store. This program is designed to cover:

  • business planning
  • marketing plans
  • store procedures and operations
  • human resources
  • benchmarking
  • staff training

Once The nextra Group store is up and running, all staff participate in a web based nextra training program designed to assist in the development of retailing and customer service. This program is nationally accredited and provides staff with a clear retail career path.


Ongoing support

nextra Support Office is dedicated to providing exceptional levels of service to all franchise owners. Each store will have an assigned account manager providing retail management assistance to work with you on your business. The nextra account management model aims to provide high levels of service whilst ensuring the nextra Success System is complied with. As well as this level of support our National Marketing Manager will contact each store regularly to provide feedback on promotions as well as reviewing store marketing programs.


Franchise Owners Website

As well as having the nextra Support Office team available to assist you, nextra has developed a members website that provides franchise owners with important on-going information aimed at making running your business more efficient. Key ares of the website are:

  • Product information and deals
  • Preferred suppliers contact lists
  • Marketing and promotions updates
  • Staff training information
  • Disclosure documents
  • Operations manuals including the Nextra daily diary
  • Staff Employment and Induction Kits

Franchise Operations Manual

The nextra Success System has been developed to assist you in running your nextra Group business. An important document underpinning this system is the nextra procedures manual. This manual outlines the business system and format all franchise owners follow and can be personalised to meet individual requirements. These procedures have been researched to provide best practice across all areas of operating a retail outlet.


Networking with The nextra Group- Regular Meetings, Roadshows, Workshops and Annual Conference

One of the unique advantages of owning a Nextra franchise is being able to network with like minded people, who run similar businesses. These networking functions take the form of monthly meetings covering product updates and regional marketing programs, six monthly workshops addressing training and administration information and the Nextra annual conference outlining the direction of the business, retail marketing trends and management best practise.


Powerful Buying and Negotiations

Suppliers love groups!


Whatever it is you need to buy to run your store – real estate, shop fittings, stock, marketing materials, advertising – you name it, the economy of scale inherent in sharing in the buying power of our group ensures that members get the best possible trading terms and prices. It is the job of our support team to continually liaise with Suppliers and Centre Managers negotiating the best possible outcomes for our members.


All groups are not the same - the stronger your group the better your margin!


Franchise Application - The Way Forward

For further information on Nextra franchise opportunitites or any other aspect of becoming a nextra Group franchise ower, please contact our National Support Office on 1800 NEXTRA (639 872) or



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